Who should be listed as a Named Insured?

Please note that the person who listed as the applicant will become the Named Insured on the policy.

The Named Insured has special rights and duties. These rights and duties are explained in General Rules of the policy wording.


If you are applying as an individual, please list your full legal name in the Applicant’s name box.

Partnership or Joint Venture

If you are applying as a Partnership or Joint Venture please list you and partners or co-venturers full legal names.

Trade Name/Unincorporated Company  

If you are applying as a company that is not incorporated please list your full legal name and your unincorporated company name by including the acronym dba (doing business as).  An example of how to correctly list your name in this scenario is below:

Jane Doe dba ABC Production  Company


If you are applying as a Corporation, please list the full legal name of your corporation including the company’s designation (i.e. Inc. Ltd, Corp.)

Please note that if you need to list vendors (i.e. Rental Houses) or locations as an additional insured or loss payee, they should not be listed as the applicant/Named Insured. When you purchase the policy, you will be supplied with a blank certificate of insurance. This certificate will allow you to add loss payees and additional insureds to your policy as needed per the terms and conditions of the policy.

When does my coverage go into effect?

If you choose to purchase your policy on the same day you want the policy to go into effect, the policy begins at the time your confirmation email is received with the policy documents.  

If you purchase a policy for a future date, the policy will begin at 12:01am on the date chosen.

Please note that the policy cannot be backdated.

What type of productions are covered under this policy?

The following type of productions can be covered under the policy:

Television Commercials, Infomercials, Documentaries, Industrial Videos, Training and Educational Films, Short Films under 30 minutes in length, Music Videos, PSAs, Demos, Animation, New Media Content, Webisodes, Television Pilots, Specials or a Series of Episodes, Sizzle reels and teasers, still photography shoots.

If your production does not appear in the above list it will not be covered.

Please note features and reality shows cannot be covered under this policy. If you require coverage for a feature, please contact our office to arrange a quote.

What is Replacement Value?

Replacement Value - this is the cost to replace the property/equipment with the same or other similar property of comparable material and quality used for the same purpose without deduction or depreciation.

What is the deductible?  The rented equipment deductible is $1,000 per event.  This applies to any one incident, not per item


What is Props/Sets/Wardrobe coverage?

This is coverage for rented props, sets, scenery, costumes, wardrobe and similar theatrical property against direct physical loss or damage to said property.

What is Commercial Vehicle Physical Damage?

This is coverage for hired automobiles which are property of others for which the insured is liable and which are lost, damaged or destroyed during the term of coverage while such property is used or to be used in connection with the declared production. Coverage is for physical damage to the vehicles and does not include third party liability coverage

Please note that there is no third party auto liability coverage offered through this online program. If this coverage is required please contact our office.

What is Commercial General Liability?

This coverage is designed to protect against all sums that the insured shall become legally obligated to pay for bodily injury, property damage or personal injury to third parties arising out of the operations of the insured production It includes the cost of a lawyer to defend you.

This policy excludes liability arising out of the use of motor vehicles, aircraft or watercraft

The commercial general liability also includes coverage for tenant legal liability (coverage for your professionally used rented premises), Employers Liability (Canadian employees only) and Non-Owned Auto Liability equal to limits chosen. The commercial general liability / tenant legal liability coverage’s would not apply to personal residence or any activities outside of those of the insured production.

This policy is subject to the Field of Entertainment endorsement.

If you purchase Commercial General Liability, Third Party Property Damage is automatically included. Third Party Property Damage provides coverage against all sums the insured shall become legally obligated to pay because of loss of, injury to, or destruction of property of others in the care, custody or control of the insured. Please note that Third Party Property Damage is only available when the Commercial General Liability is also purchased.


Quelle doit être la durée de l’assurance à laquelle je souscris ?

Vous devez vous assurer que votre police est en vigueur aussi longtemps que vous serez tenus légalement responsables de l’équipement que vous louez et des lieux de tournage utilisés.

Prenez note que le jour de leur échéance toutes les polices se terminent à 00 h 01 (minuit une minute).

Veuillez noter également que la période de couverture maximale pour nos polices court-terme est de 14 jours. Si vous désirez la couverture pour une période plus longue, veuillez communiquer avec notre bureau ou visiter cette page.

Si une prolongation est requise, communiquez immédiatement avec notre bureau pour nous en faire part. Prenez note que le traitement d’une telle demande ne peut se faire qu’à l’intérieur des heures d’affaires régulières, soit de 9 h à 17 h, du lundi au vendredi. Si vous communiquez avec nous en dehors de ces heures, la prolongation ne pourra prendre effet qu’à compter du jour ouvrable suivant. Similairement, si vous communiquez avec nous le samedi ou le dimanche, la prolongation ne pourra s’appliquer qu’à compter du lundi matin, en supposant que ce lundi ne soit pas un jour férié, dans lequel cas la prolongation de la couverture serait reportée au mardi. Notez également que la prolongation ne peut se faire de façon rétroactive.  La prise d’effet des prolongations de couverture n’est considérée officielle qu’au moment où nous vous faisons parvenir notre confirmation écrite. Toutes les prolongations sont sujettes à une prime additionnelle, ainsi qu’à des frais/honoraires de 75 $.

How do I provide proof of insurance ?

Once you have purchased coverage, you will receive an email with the policy binder, policy wordings and a blank certificate.   You can use this blank certificate to issues certificates to the following parties only who are asking to be added as loss payee and/or additional insured:

  1. Municipalities/Cities for the purpose of granting permits for filming operations.
  2. Lessors of premises Rented/Leased to the Insured for occupancy for filming operations (except for long term leases).
  3. Equipment rental companies, but only with respect to the maintenance, operation or use of the equipment by the Named Insured.


The full legal name and address of the party to whom the Certificate is issued should be typed into the appropriate location on the Certificate.  Under no circumstances should the Certificate wordings be altered, added to or amended in any way.

A copy of all Certificates issued, MUST be the following email address: certificates@frontrowinsurance.com in a timely fashion


If a certificate you issue with this form is rejected by a vendor, please do not hesitate to contact our office at the numbers below and we can help to provide a document that meets their requirements. 


How can I make a change to my policy?

If you have already purchased a policy and you need to make a change, please contact one our offices. Currently you are not able to make changes to your policy online. We would be happy to assist you quickly with changes needed over the phone or by email.

Please note that once coverage is purchased, the full premium is fully earned and non refundable.

Please notify our office immediately  if an extension is required. Note, we will only be able to process an extension during the hours of 9-5 Monday to Friday. If you contact us after hours, the earliest the extension could take effect is the next business day. Similarly,  if you contact us on a Saturday or Sunday, the earliest the coverage could be extended is Monday morning assuming there is no statutory holiday on Monday in which case the coverage would be extended on Tuesday. Note that there is no backdating of coverage. An extension of coverage is not deemed to be in effect until confirmed confirmed in writing to you by us. Note that all extensions are subject to an additional premium and a $75 fee.

Can I cover owned equipment under this policy?

  No, it is important to note that  coverage is only provided for rented equipment is available under the policy. If protection is required for the equipment that you own , please contact our office.


Are you located oustide Canada?

This program is currently only available for Canadians and Canadian registered Companies.